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West Virginia's WRR started when US Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District hosted the kick-off meeting in Huntington in July 2016. Staff from US EPA Region 3, Federal Highway Administration, bear West Virginia’s Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Highways began the collaborative process. State agencies expressed considerable interest in creating a tool to help locate and prioritize areas suitable for wetland and stream mitigation. West Virginia's WRR moved efficiently through collaboration and built the eight GIS-based analyses in record time.

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Spatial Analyses

Get more information about the spatial analyses and factors selected by the state of West Virginia for their models.

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For more information on West Virginia's WRR you can contact the following:

Name Agency Phone Email
Brian Bridgewater West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (304) 926-0499 brian.l.bridgewater@wv.gov
Ellen Bryson US Environmental Protection, Agency Region 3 (215) 814-5727 bryson.ellen@epa.gov
Pete Dailey West Virginia Department of Transportation (304) 558-9324 peter.j.dailey@wv.gov
Justin Elkins US Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District (304) 399-5271 justin.m.elkins@usace.army.mil
Theresa Foye Maryland Environmental Service (410) 729-8534 tfoye@menv.com
Matt Gilbert US Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District (412) 395-7189 matthew.c.gilbert@usace.army.mil
Jessica Perkins West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (304) 637-0245 jessica.d.perkins@wv.gov
Alison Rogers Federal Highway Administration (304) 347-5436 alison.rogers@dot.gov
Tim Sedowsky West Virginia Department of Highways (304) 558-9575 timothy.b.sedosky@wv.gov
Ralph Spagnolo US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 3 (215) 814-2718 spagnolo.ralph@epa.gov
Chad Thompson West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (304) 822-7266 chad.m.thompson@wv.gov
Steve Harouff West Virginia Division of Forestry (304) 594-2331 steven.e.harouff@wv.gov