Welcome to the Watershed Resources Registry! This is an interactive online mapping tool that prioritizes areas for preservation and restoration of wetlands, riparian zones, terrestrial areas, and stormwater management control across an entire state. The tool is helpful for a wide variety of purposes but is especially useful for developers, natural resource planners, transportation planners, and others who are required to avoid impacting natural areas or to provide mitigation for any unavoidable impact.

A Watershed Resources Registry (WRR) scores potential restoration and preservation areas on a scale of one to five stars based on their potential benefits. The WRR allows the user to:

  • Display a great variety of mapping information in any given location in a state
  • Avoid or minimize impacts to high quality aquatic and terrestrial natural areas
  • Find candidate locations for mitigation projects nearby or in the same watershed
  • Assess and compare potential mitigation projects and
  • Print site maps for field visits

Each state's WRR team is comprised of federal, state and local partners. WRRs are now available in four mid-Atlantic states, including Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Virginia's WRR is in progress. The tool has also sparked interest in other states in the mid-Atlantic and beyond.

If your state is green in the map on the right, your state has an active WRR. Access your state's interactive mapping tool by clicking the "State Registries" link above. If your state does not show in green and you're interested in helping start a WRR, check out the link above for "Your Registry" to explore starting a WRR.

If your state is shown in yellow, a group has begun exploring creating a WRR in your state. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.

After exploring the site or utilizing the mapping tool, we invite your feedback. Please email comments and questions to Ellen Bryson at bryson.ellen@epa.gov or by visiting the Contact Us page.

map of states on registry