Additional Resources

WRR Updates:

June 2021:

  • Updated the FindOps tool with a new disclaimer and fixed the drop-down list
  • Added Land Cover map services to the West Virginia WRR.
  • Made updates to the Water Resources Report for Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.
  • Made updates to the way the RIBITs data is displayed for all the R3 WRRs
  • Added Natures Network data to the Maryland WRR
  • Added new wetland data to Delaware and removed the NWI data.
  • Added NLCD 2001, 2006 and 2011 to Virginia.

May 2021:

  • Split up the HUC Watersheds into their own group layer on the DE WRR
  • Added DE Fish Ladders layer to map
  • Added several new layers to the VA WRR
  • Made several updates to the Video Tutorial Widget
  • Created a Water Resources Report widget for all of the R3 WRRs

April 2021:

  • Added the USFWS NWI Layer to all of the WRRs
  • Added State and County Boundary layers to the PA WRR
  • Uploaded new version of WRR User Manual to the Tutorial widget
  • Changed default settings in the Print Map Tool
  • Updated the PA WRR home page with a new contacts list

March 2021:

  • Fixed an error with the "Select by Rectangle" icon not showing up inside of Location Details
  • Added VA data portal to the Add Data tool
  • Updated the "Expand Layers" button on the WRR layer list
  • Changed the "Sessions" text in the Save Session Panel to "Bookmarks"
  • Hide the NPS Progress Report Field for GRTS on the 319-watersheds layer
  • Added a message on the main screen to warn users to clear cache in order to view updates
  • Added fact sheets to the WRRs
  • Made extensive updates to the WRR Website

February 2021:

  • Removed 'Model Output' from VA Spatial Analyses Layer Titles
  • Created a Draw Tool for the WRR Applications
  • Added How's My Waterway links to the 303(d) layers
  • Fixed a 'zoom to' issue when entering coordinates in the search bar
  • Created multiple new groups for the layer list on the VA WRR

January 2021:

  • Added Topographic Wetness Indicator layer to the PA WRR
  • Added PASDA logos and credits to the WRR home page
  • Added Farm Service Historic Imagery to the PA WRR
  • Fixed titles and thumbnails for the basemap gallery on the VA WRR