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Alaskan stakeholders have expressed interest in identifying and centralizing data regarding potential restoration opportunities within Alaska. Alaska RiverThe Environmental Protection Agency, in collaboration with the Department of Army and the Army Corps of Engineers, worked with federal, state, and local governmental entities, as well as public and private sector entities, to identify existing data and data gaps regarding restoration. The Alaska WRR is currently in its initial data collection stage. The Alaska WRR at this point in its development is intended to facilitate transparency, efficiency, and coordination regarding restoration information.

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Additional Resources

Spatial Analyses

Get more information about the spatial analyses and factors selected by the state of Alaska for their models.

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Listing of Map Services

Get more information about the map layers that are available on the Alaska WRR interactive map

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User Guide

Get more information about the WRR application and how to use it successfully.

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User Feedback Survey
User Feedback Survey
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For more information on Alaska's WRR you can contact the following:

Name Agency Phone Email
Brittany Bennett US Environmental Protection Agency (202) 564-1896
Josh Moffi U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District (907) 753-2708